Monthly Archives: March 2016

Help Your Child Adjust to Glasses

Getting glasses at a young age can be a difficult adjustment. Helping children adjust properly to the new change may be difficult but will make all the difference. Here are some easy steps to take to help your child adjust and love their glasses. The Basics Help your child understand why they need to wear… Read More

Welcoming Dr. Choi to Our Community

Family and pediatric physicians include routine vision screening in their care of children. Their frequent contact with children allow them to discover vision problems and abnormalities at ages when ophthalmologic intervention has the best chance of success. The pediatrician or family practice doctor will assess if a trip to a pediatric ophthalmologist is ever necessary…. Read More

Be an Educated Consumer with Your Vision Insurance

Understanding your vision insurance is as important as understanding any purchase you make as a consumer. Having all the knowledge possible allows you to make a solid choice in electing your insurance coverage. This choice will allow you to identify the full benefits of your plan’s coverage each and every year. You can make the… Read More

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