Outdoor Sports Are Finally in Sight

As summer approaches, many of us reach for outdoor activities and sports, many of which can be frustrating if you wear glasses. For people who wear glasses it’s pretty obvious why few athletes wear them when they’re playing – Glasses fog up, slip, and even fall off. Glasses provide no peripheral vision correction and the frame edges can also be distracting. Glasses also make it hard to play with the sun blazing—while progressive lenses or prescription sunglasses can be a solution they both have limitations and visibility is still restricted. Glasses are constructed and designed for the person to look directly through the lens, the center of each lens is guaranteed to have the strongest prescription. The problem with this is that many sports require the player to quickly look in all directions.

The solution Is Contacts. Contacts sit directly on your eye and move side-to-side as you glance. They do not limit your field of vision they increase it. Contacts come in a variety of brands and styles to fit your lifestyle. Your optometrist will be able to help find the ones that match you perfectly, whether they are daily disposable, weekly wear or overnights. Contacts even come in colors for added fun.

If contacts aren’t for you, ask your eye doctor what they suggest. Many optical shops have a broad selection of sports oriented glasses and sunglasses. Doctors and coaches can then give you helpful pointers on how to adapt your eyewear while playing to make sure you see everything you need to. It’s all about getting out there and doing what you most enjoy!

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