Mission Trips with Vision Care Services

Since 2013, Dr. Yi and Dr. Kim have made numerous mission trips to several African, South American and Caribbean countries in an effort to improve the vision of patients who lack the access to care. Their care makes a real difference in the lives of patients they see.

Recently, Dr. Yi visited Morocco with Vision Care Services, an international nonprofit organization, where they saw more than 1000 patients and performed over 150 cataract surgeries in six days. Dr. Yi shares, “These trips give me a perspective of how blessed we are in the United States. It gives me great pleasure to use my skills to help another human being to see again. It’s doing medicine in its purest form.”

Dr. Kim just returned from Mauritania, where he was able to help more patients in need. “In the United States, we live in fortunate circumstances. When you visit a country like Mauritania, you realize just how fortunate we are, and it’s meaningful to be able to make a difference in the lives of others where there’s always a need.”

Dr. Yi had Dr. Kim are just two doctors out of the many Vision Care Services volunteers who participate in these trips. By making a statement of how important it is to help people who are less fortunate, other doctors have volunteered their time to participate in mission trips.

“The patients we see abroad are often challenging, as the health condition in many developing countries is not what it is in the United States. One patient had cataracts so dense, that she had not seen through her affected eyes in four years.” Both Dr. Yi and Dr. Kim explain, “When you are faced with these challenges you not only can change lives but you also become a better surgeon.”

From the other end of the world, to our local offices, the doctors at Massachusetts Eye Associates work as team to provide excellent and compassionate care to every patient in an effort to help them achieve the best possible vision. Our is committed to providing a healthy working environment, respecting colleagues and patients alike, treating each other as they would like to be treated.

Massachusetts Eye Associates has a great relationship with Vision Care Services and truly appreciates the contribution our doctors make to communities around the world. If you would like to learn more about VCS, please visit visioncareUSA.org.

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