Help Your Child Adjust to Glasses

Getting glasses at a young age can be a difficult adjustment. Helping children adjust properly to the new change may be difficult but will make all the difference.

Here are some easy steps to take to help your child adjust and love their glasses.

The Basics

Help your child understand why they need to wear glasses. Some children will need glasses for reading while other need them to see at a distance. Be sure to ask the Optometrist the times your child needs to wear their glasses!

Find The Right Fit

The fit is the most important. If your child is uncomfortable, they are less likely to want to wear them. Don’t buy frames thinking they will stretch or your child will grow into them. Opticians are trained to make sure the frames fit securely and comfortable, so ask them for help.

Allow your child to be a part of the picking process. They’ll be more eager to wear them knowing they chose the frames themselves. Let it be a fun experience and reassure them that they look great while wearing their glasses. Just like adults, children can be self conscious about an appearance change.

Get In The Routine

The hardest part will be getting your child to remember to put their glasses on. New habits aren’t easy to create, even for adults. Start your child off by having them wear the glasses for short periods of time, then integrate them more into their routine. Keep them close by so they remember to put them on in the morning and have them clean their glasses and put them in their case before bed. Over time, this will become second nature. If they need to wear them at school, make sure you let the teachers know.

Keep It Positive

Help Children be positive about the new change by giving them incentives. Small rewards for remembering to wear their glasses can make them want to. Make glasses seem “cool” for your child by showing them others who wear them. Point out sports figures, celebrities, or family members who also wear glasses.

The adjustment may not come easily, so remember to stay calm and be positive! If you have any concerns, you could ask your child’s optometrist for advice.

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