Comprehensive Eye Care

Couple Scheduling an Eye Care ExamEven if you’ve never had any problems with your eyesight, a comprehensive eye exam is recommended, especially if you have a family history of glaucoma or any other vision-related medical condition.

Eye examinations performed at Massachusetts Eye Associates can help detect problems at the earliest stage, before you may be aware they exist.

During your appointment, one of our certified ophthalmic technicians will perform an initial screening that will include a health history, a full assessment of your visual system, a testing of your vision – “refraction” — to determine whether your vision can be improved with the aid of glasses, and dilate your eyes so that the doctor can thoroughly evaluate the health of your retina and optic nerve.

Afterward, your doctor will complete your examination and review any diagnostic or treatment plans with you. We encourage you to ask questions during the exam as it helps the doctor understand your concerns about your vision and can help diagnose potential problems.

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