Caring for Your Contact Lens Case

Eyes are highly sensitive to bacterial infections. If you’re a contact lens-wearer, “dirty” contacts will not only increase the risk of itchy and irritated eyes, but can also pose a threat to your long-term vision and eye health. There are a number of tips for keeping your contacts clean, but what about the case itself? While your case should be replaced every three months (and not longer), there are a few steps to ensuring a clean and bacteria-free contact lens case in the meantime.

  1. Empty all of the solution into the sink.
  2. Rinse the case with fresh solution. Be careful not to let the top of the bottle touch the case to avoid spreading any bacteria that lives on your bottle.
  3. Air dry the case upside down (remove the caps if you don’t have a silver nitrate lining)

If there is ever any question, just replace your case. And certainly, replacing your case everything three months is critical if you want to avoid the risk of irritation and infection.

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