Should I buy glasses online or visit my optical shop?

The experience of the past year drove many to shop online out of concern for safety. Optical shops experienced this change in behavior as many patients and customers explored the option of ordering online. The lessons learned from those who did help answer the question of what can be gained from purchasing in-person from a licensed optician.

Finding the right fit for you.

Many patients who ordered glasses online discovered that their online purchases often did not deliver what was needed – better vision. A glasses fit is difficult to achieve shopping online. While a pair of glasses may catch your eye when shopping, how they fit on you and how they work with your prescription is something that most buyers cannot predict. Simple things like how glasses rest on your face determine how comfortable your glasses feel and how well you can see.

Selecting the right lens for your vision needs.

Selecting the right lens for your glasses is a guessing game to the average consumer as it depends on your prescription. A licensed optician has the technical skill to understand your prescription and to help you select the best lens to get the most out of what your doctor has prescribed. Your sight changes as you age. Needs are different — when you are fit with glasses for the first time, when you work at a computer for most of the day, or when you find yourself struggling to read the fine print on a crossword puzzle.

Avail yourself to the experience of a licensed professional.

Engaging with a licensed optician who has years of experience helping patients and customers get the most out of what the doctor has prescribed is worth time and money. You are buying a service. Glasses or lenses that aren’t working for you can be readily addressed when you have an established relationship with a licensed optician.

Navigating insurances to get the most value from your plan.

A licensed optician can also save you money by knowing how to navigate your insurance coverage. When you deal with insurance plans every day you gain knowledge in helping patients get the best value from their plans. That is the expertise you are buying and it is not what you get when shopping online. Online vendors may offer you several remakes to address situations when glasses fail to deliver better vision, but the effort to resolve this satisfactorily is not worth what is involved.

What I learned from the experience of last year I knew already.

Having talked to many patients over the past 6 months who have purchase glasses online and been dissatisfied with the end result for a variety of reasons is evidence enough that you often get what you pay for. How glasses fit, how the prescription work for your vision, what type of lens gives you the best vision for your prescription, and how to get the most out of your insurance plan – this is what you get from a licensed optician.

Come by for a Visit.

Stop by one of our Optical Shops to talk with one of our licensed opticians. See what we have for you. It’s your vision and we think it’s important.

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