Sunglasses – A Health Measure for your Vision

Warm weather arrives, the hours of daylight increase, and the inclination is to be outdoors, in the sun. It’s a welcome time of year, but more is needed to enjoy the season. Your primary care doctor, your dermatologist, has asked you to take sun exposure seriously; wear a hat, apply sunblock, and wear light protective clothing. They know the damage that can be done with repetitive exposure to sunlight.

But what about your vision? Most sunglasses provide some protection from damaging UV radiation, but some sunglasses are better at this than others. In fact, all Maui Jim sunglasses are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as an effective UV filter for the eyes and surrounding skin areas. This is one of the reasons why we recommend Maui Jim’s for our patients –a high quality sunglass that deliver in ways that you see immediately.

Maui Jim’s Polarized Plus 2 lenses go beyond eliminating harmful UV exposure and glare that washes out colors, obscures detail and causes eye fatigue. Maui Jim produces a superior polarized lens with a coating on the inside of the lens to further reduce glare. A third layer of protection is created with a mirror coating, available in a traditional solid, a double gradient reducing the brightest light from the top and bottom of the lens, or a single gradient with the darkest part of the lens on top. To protect a lens of this quality, Maui Jim lenses are sealed with a scratch resistant coating.

When it comes to style there is no comparison: 4 different color shades, providing you with a lens for every action and light condition be it boating, golfing, hiking, cycling, going for a drive, watching your grandkids games or simple enjoying a good read on the beach. With a variety of styles to choose from you will never sacrifice form or function. Available in prescription and non-prescription styles. You will not find a better value.

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